Some of my Warning Signs

Last post, I promised you some warning signs.  These are some of the things that will have me start to freak out, should they come to pass:

1) The big one: the formation of a new militia system, outside the National Guard, that does regular paramilitary training and is connected to the government/Republican Party specifically.

While there has been a lot of harassment, street violence, etc. both in the leadup to and (increasingly) since the election, it has been disorganized.  One thing that we have not seen in any real scale is an equivalent to the SA, let alone the SS: The organized street fighters of the government, able and willing to dole out political violence at the drop of a hat.

If we see that coming into play, then I will be starting the major worry machine, and considering whether the California law prohibiting paramilitary training is a good thing, or something we should consider civilly disobeying in places like San Francisco and Oakland, in preparation for the need for community self-defense.

In addition to its explicitly political function, such a group would not have the large-scale inculcation of “no firing on civilians”, “do not obey illegal orders”, etc. that the current military has, making them much more dangerous to civilians within the U.S.

2) A parallel to that — any effort to “nationalize” the police; to place them under tighter central control by the Federal Government.  This would be one way to start building the militia I fear in #1.  Do I think it is likely? No, especially because it would set off warning bells among many of the right wing as well, and while many of them are, I’m sure, quite willing to sacrifice their principles in order to have an ally, not all of them are; and fragmenting among that portion of the right can only help us.

3) Large-scale purges in the military. Unlikely, again, but a frightening possibility, especially depending on the comments of those purged; if it turns into a religious faction purge (a la the evangelical “takeover” of the AFA) or a political one, that’s another huge warning sign.

4) And, of course, the repeal of the Posse Comitatus act or any law that explicitly authorizes U.S. military force within the U.S. as part of a “state of emergency”.

These are the “civil war or major military oppression” warning signs, for me. It’s not all we have to worry about, by any means, but it’s one set of things to watch.



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